Carpool passenger with smartphone, earpiece, and paperwork

Riding with another commuter is a brilliant way to go.

Did you know that carpooling to and from work can cut your driving expenses in half? Not only will you save money, but as a carpool, you’ll be allowed to drive in the HOV lanes – lanes which tend to move much faster when the rest of traffic isn’t. Even better, your employer may have a convenient, designated carpool parking spot already waiting for you. How smart is that? is the perfect vehicle to find a carpool.

With our easy-to-use ridematch tool, you’ll be put in touch with other smart carpoolers like you who are looking to save money, time, and the environment. They are friends and neighbors who share the same commute schedule and work location. If you do not have an account, sign up now to get your free personalized list of possible carpool partners.

Thinking of starting a carpool? Here’s how to get it in gear.

After signing up with, post notices at work and talk to friends and co-workers, because chances are someone is looking for just such an opportunity. Simply print out a Carpoolers Wanted sign and post it in a hard-to-miss place at work. Your transportation coordinator or human resources department may be able to help you find a co-worker looking to share the ride.