Commuter Benefits

So many good reasons to start, so get started!

By changing your solo commuting habit even one day a week, you can save money, reduce air pollution, and shrink your personal carbon footprint by 20 percent.

Commuter Benefits

  • Save money. As gas prices rise, ridesharing and taking the bus or rail makes good economic sense.
  • Alleviate stress. Nothing raises blood pressure like bumper-to-bumper traffic.
  • Help the planet. Teleworking from home one day a week can make a big difference in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Save time. Carpools and vanpools can get you to work and back home faster by using high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes and HOV bypass on-ramp meters when available.
  • Stay healthy. Biking or walking to work can help you stay fit and reduce stress.
  • Save money. Reduce wear and tear on your car. And lower your repair bills.
  • Clean the air. A solo driver who changes their 20-mile round trip commute to the bus or rail can reduce their CO2 emissions by 4,800 lbs. per year.
  • Recapture some time. Relax, catch up on reading. Being a passenger can improve your quality of life.

Make a difference every day.

Start your greener commute by carpooling, vanpooling, taking transit, walking, bicycling, or working from home. If your home or work is just a bit too far from a transit station, try Connection Options to help you complete your trip. Calculate the cost of your solo commute and find an earth-friendly alternative.