Commuter Connections

Bridge the gap between you and the bus, rail, or ferry with one of the following options.

Short-Distance Vanpooling

Some vanpool providers offer short-distance vanpooling called vanshare. Vanshare bridges the gap between the bus, rail, or ferry and home or work for groups of five or more commuters. These vans are placed at transportation hubs, such as bus or rail stations, to carry groups of employees to and from their workplace. Find a vanshare provider in your area.

Bikes on Buses

Riding your bike to and from the bus as part of your commute is a great way to save money, help the environment, and stay healthy. Most buses are equipped with folding bike racks at the front of the bus. Each rack holds two or more bicycles. Feel free to ask the driver for instruction if you don’t know how to use the rack. Many employers, cities, and some park and ride lots, provide bike racks or lockers to store your bicycle. If you’re looking for other cyclists to share your commute, sign up for a Ridematch to find a bike buddy.


Carpooling to a transit station is a great way to reduce your commute costs, your carbon footprint, and your stress even more. has a database of thousands of commuters looking for partners just like you—friends and neighbors who live near you, work where you do, and share your commute schedule. To get your free, personalized list, sign up for a Ridematch today.


Consider making part of your commute as a pedestrian. It's great for the environment and great for your health.