Commuters in a vanpool

Like to commute smarter? You can in a van.

Vanpools are a flexible, comfortable, cost-effective way for groups of five to 15 commuters to share their ride to work. Riding in a van can reduce stress and shorten your commute time by traveling in an HOV lane—and on average, members can save over $6000 annually!

Rideshare agencies provide the modern vans, gas cards, insurance, and maintenance. Just select Vanpool Providers for more information in your area.

You’re just a click away from getting on board.

To get started, sign up for a ridematch at to receive a customized list of commuters who live and work near you.

You can search for existing groups to join, or start your own vanpool. Each vanpool agency is unique, but most fares cover gas, insurance, maintenance, roadside assistance, and an emergency ride home. Some programs even offer to waive the fare and allow personal use of the van for participants willing to drive.

Someone you work with could be a future vanpooler.

Ask around. Print out our Vanpool Starting sign and post it in a hard-to-miss place. Your transportation coordinator or human resources department may be able to help you find a co-worker looking to share the ride.

Short-Distance Vanpooling

Some vanpool providers offer Vanshare, a form of short-distance vanpooling. Vanshare bridges the gap between the bus, rail, or ferry and home or work for groups of five or more commuters. These vans are placed at transportation hubs, such as bus or rail stations, to carry groups of employees to and from their workplace. Find a vanshare provider in your area.