Ridematch and Trip Calendar

Find a match in a click with Ridematch.

If you’d like to help employees find the right person to share their commute or bike to work with, Ridematch is the answer. It’s a convenient online tool that will help them make the connection quickly and easily and it’s completely secure. What’s more, it also allows your company and your employees to measure the savings in time, money, and environmental benefits.

If you already have a company-sponsored carpool or vanpool program or a comprehensive commuter benefit program in place, your local provider will help you incorporate Ridematch and get your employees on board. If you don’t have a program in place, your local provider can help you get one started.

Employers can participate at two different levels:

  • Network – Employees can search for other rideshare partners using their company email address; no internal administration is required.
  • Employer Managed Networks – Employees can search for other rideshare partners using their company or personal email. An internal administrator simply approves the participants. As an administrator, you have the ability to create customized incentive programs for rideshare participants. And you have access to simple, convenient reporting features.

Getting started is easy.

Employees can go directly to Ridematch and sign up for an account. After their account is confirmed via email, they simply log in and enter their most frequent trip (starting and ending point and daily work hours).

Ridematch then identifies the best matches by proximity and by mode—carpooling, vanpooling, and biking. The system matches them with co-workers or with commuters in the immediate area. Employees choose what personal information is shared during the match process.

Trip Calendar lets commuters track their positive impact.

Trip Calendar is a tool in RideshareOnline.com that measures your employees’ alternative commute activities and their financial and environment savings. Employees simply record their commute trips on a daily or weekly basis. Trip Calendar engages commuters by allowing them to watch the numbers—and their contribution—add up. It can also reward them for a commute well done with monthly drawings offered in your local area, or you can create your own customized incentives.

Trip Calendar: One habit that’s actually good for you.

Whether your employees carpool, vanpool, bike, use bus/rail, or telework, the more they log their daily commute trips with the Trip Calendar, the more your company’s savings will add up. And that adds up to helping make the Pacific Northwest a green and livable region.