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Commute alternatives are good for the planet—and for your bottom line.

RideshareOnline.com is a win-win for businesses. It’s an invaluable tool for helping your organization meet its financial and environmental goals by informing and facilitating your commute reduction program.

Commuter programs for employees can include carpooling, vanpooling, biking to work, bus/rail, flextime, and working from home. There are many benefits to your company in creating a strong commuter program. For example, even if an employee participates only once a week, data has shown that it can make a big difference in employee wellness, productivity, and retention. Additionally, your company gets the cost savings associated with tax benefits and reduced parking demand.

Customize Your Program.

Many of RideshareOnline.com’s features and services are easy and cost-effective to include in your company’s commuter program, including:

  1. Ridematch – Instant online ridematching and map tools to help employees find carpool, vanpool, and bike partners to share the ride.
  2. Trip Calendar – See how your commuter benefit program is doing. Reports calculate trip reductions, reduced gas consumption, and greenhouse gas reduction when your employees track their commute trips in the Trip Calendar.
  3. Emergency Ride Home – Ensure that your employees can get home quickly in case of a missed connection or emergency. You can easily manage this program online with RideshareOnline.com.
  4. Program Management – Access administrative functions to administer your commute benefits program. Includes tools to promote transportation alternatives through prize drawings and incentives. A fulfillment service makes it easy to order rewards.
  5. Customization – A customization feature allows you to create your own company web page using your logo and information about your commute benefits program.
  6. Cost Savings Calculator – Helps employees calculate the real cost savings of their ridesharing or commuting alternative.

Commuter Benefit Strategies

  1. Tax Benefits – By subsidizing employees’ vanpooling and/or transit costs—or letting employees pay with pre-tax earnings—employers and employees will both save.
  2. Telework Program Assistance – Learn how to get started or expand a telework program that allows employees to work from home one or more days per week.
  3. Car & Cycle Sharing Programs – Some areas offer member-only car and cycle sharing services to use when transportation is needed for meetings, medical appointments, or errands. Some employers offer discounted rates for these services.
  4. Preferential Parking – Reserved parking for carpools and vanpools is an easy, cost-effective way to reward employees and reduce your overall parking demand.

We’ll help you get started.

To request ETC access to manage your commute program on RideshareOnline.com, contact your local provider.